Perhaps you’d be more comfortable surrendering your brain to me if we were better acquainted.

My name is Stephen Knapp.

I was born in Tucson.

I was raised in Evergreen, Colorado.

I have a bachelor’s degree in history, the attainment of which parchment required twenty-two (22) years and the intellectual contributions of no fewer than six (6) institutions of higher thinking.

I’m a freelance writer currently living in my piney hometown and working tirelessly for the amelioration of human suffering.

And money.

Also for money, I have at various times labored as a restaurant night manager in Evergreen, as the chef at a Greek restaurant in Boulder, as a graveyard-shift aircraft support monkey at a busy FBO at Anchorage International Airport, and as a helicopter flight-seeing expediter in Denali National Park.

Perhaps more relevant to our purpose, I spent four (4) years as a staff writer for Evergreen Newspapers. While almost Olympian humility prevents me from saying it directly, my legions of admirers will tell you that more than a dozen of my feature articles have been honored to receive Colorado Press Association and Society of Professional Journalists awards, and that a dozen others were requested for reprinting in publications from Big Sur to the Chesapeake. They might also mention – on my behalf – how I made substantial contributions to two (2) separate volumes of Colorado history, and how I self-published a colorful Evergreen guidebook.

But I wish they wouldn’t.

It embarrasses me.

Even so, and in perfect keeping with my famously generous nature, I am pleased to offer my services to anyone desiring assistance at thinking, or writing, or some combination thereof.

Such persons are warmly invited to contact me at stavrosknapos@aol.com.

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