Let’s Get Something Straight


It’s okay to not vote.

All the folks in a lather about people who don’t vote need to towel off and pipe down.

Voting is a right “granted us by our Creator”, not a requirement, or even a responsibility. Like every other right, it can be exercised or not.

You have a right to own a gun, but you don’t have to. If you shoot somebody with your gun you have a right to counsel, but you don’t have to accept it. You have all kinds of rights that you never use and nobody bats an eye. Voting is – or at least should be – no different.

Voting is your right, and not voting is also your right.

Nobody has to vote.

If you hate all the candidates, you don’t need to vote for any of them. It’s your right.

If you’re disillusioned with the process, you don’t have to participate in it. Not voting doesn’t make you a Bad American, it just makes you a taxpaying citizen who didn’t happen to vote.

If you simply don’t believe your vote will do any good, it’s okay to shrug it off. There’s a good reason voting isn’t required by law.

It’s not “wrong” to not vote.

And it’s not always “right” to vote.

Contrary to the sweaty emanations of the screaming classes, voting is not, of itself, a noble act. The undemanding feat of pulling a lever or filling in a little circle does not constitute proof of patriotism, virtue or wisdom. If you have no interest in, understanding of, or opinions about the issues, the candidates or the behavior of government, you should absolutely not vote. That being the case, the most responsible thing you can do is not vote. Anybody can throw a dart at a ballot and call it voting, but it’s not. It’s a safe bet that many people who don’t vote give a lot more thought to that decision than many people who do.

And one other thing ~

Get-Out-the-Vote types like to scream that those who don’t vote automatically give up their right to complain about the government. They can take that ridiculous statement, carefully place it inside its provided “security sleeve” and stuff it straight up their poll.

You always have a right to complain. Voting is a right, just like every other right enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including the right to “seek redress”, and by not exercising one right you don’t magically forfeit all the others. Every American is entitled to all the rights and protections that come with citizenship, and if government moves to entail those rights, or abuse those protections, every American is entitled to cry “foul”, regardless of what they did, or didn’t do, on election day. You have a right to your rights, and you have a right to insist on them.

And a right to yield them.

Either way, the ballot box has got nothing to do with it.

I’m glad we got that straight.




Do Not Go Gentle into that Exchange


O Captain! What Happened?!


Gazing out upon his realm
He shed a tear of clemency
The ship beneath his stately helm
Was found’ring in

Great Lord! went up the plaintive wail
Take pity ‘pon the likes of we!
The healing arts are up for sale,
And we are gripped in

The doctors care for naught but gold,
Ignoring our extremity!
Apothecaries have turned cold
Their potions priced

The leech is now a dozen pence
That used to cost ha’penny!
And terminal have grown the rents
On beds at the

Will not you raise your mighty hand
And with keen sword of just decree
Strike down that avaricious band
And end the reign of

His eyes ignite in righteous fire
His face a mask of empathy
The time of greed will now expire!
You must leave everything
To me!

My subjects need not cringe and bow
For leech and newt and remedy
Nor sell the family milking cow
To pay for plastic

The druggists must be brought to heel!
The doctors bridled ruthlessly!
The moneybags my wrath must feel,
And hence foreswear cruel

The royal court was roused to act
Advisors pledged on bended knee
The public’s health they made their pact
From greed to set the
People free.

For forty days and forty nights
The quills did scribble fev’rishly
Defying untrod legal heights
To please their sovereign

In hoary halls of Parliament
Opponents begged to disagree
Though few’d abide their rude lament
Or countenance such

Banks of actuaries spoke
With tables to eternity
And champions of common folk
Demanded blanket

The counselors had scarce begun
Their obfuscations lawyerly
When special interests joined the fun
A legislative

The heralds sat on tenterhooks
Predicting easy victory
Said they, Tomorrow’s history books
Will hail the king’s

Upon a morning bright and fair
An end was made to industry
Anticipation filled the air
The nation waited

The king addressed the kingdom then
Said he, Good shepherd must I be
and hereby sign, with flowing pen,
This bill to law from
Sea to sea

It was a potent tome, indeed
Encyclopedic, A to Z
Too much, it was, for Man to read
But not too much for

Within this mammoth document
Resides the answer to your plea
Intoned the conqu’ring President
These pages hold

Alas, the magic manuscript
Was not as it appeared to be
Slow but sure, the scales were tipped
And rose a great

Among the trusting populace
Suspicion wakened gradually
The parchment fair upon its face
Mandated false

Your scheme to tame rampaging costs
Somewhere miscarried grievously!
Our old protections we have lost
New ones compare

Invoices once paid painfully
Now calculate in agony!
For some, private indemnity
Cannot be had for
Any fee!

Familiar physics, friends of sorts
Would treat us now illegally,
And by way of last resorts
Have only we
Compliancy !

Insult compounding injury
Political efficacy
Allows a glad minority
Exemption with

Despite your smiling guarantee
The future looks like poverty!
O what a brazen treachery
To perpetrate this

The cries were lost upon the king
Who faced the nation tranquilly
I guess I should have read the thing
But pardon your

Among my ministers, it’s true
Are some who disappointed me
They’re not a very clever crew
Deserving of

Take them! Strip them! Bind them fast
Upon your vengeful pillory!
But first look in the mirrored glass
Confront your real

You fancied hope, demanded change
And I complied abundantly
So now I find it passing strange
To hear you whining

This plight I long ago defined
In stated ideology
If gentle hand you had in mind
You should have checked my

I do not nurture freedom’s seed
Nor well abide democracy
A king I am in word and deed
Raised up by your

It may be true you were misled
My rule may spell catastrophe
But if you must have someone’s head
Remember who
Elected me